WPC is a green energy saving and environmental protection product which is extruded from the mixture of recycled wood fiber and plastic (HDPE). The product offers the natural wood grain, color, texture and possesses the advantages of exquisite appearance, easy-installation, simply maintenance, time saving and labor saving, high efficient.

Compared to the traditional product, 3D embossing product will have more natural visual effect and more realistic wood grain texture. 3D embossing technique do not need a follow-up treatment,it can finish the embossing procedure during the extrusion technique.The grain texture of 3D embossing can provide long-termed durability because it is deeper than the normal embossing.

New technology 3D deep embossing WPC outdoor decoration floor, 3D deep embossing isn’t solelyassociate upgrade of look, however conjointly represents the promotion of performance.

Each floor is such as a sculpture, and therefore the inventive atmosphere and aesthetic degree are greatly improved.Compared with the directional sorption of groove surface, the sorption direction of 3D embossing surface is a lot of varied.

The 3D wood grain is written directly into the wood plastic floor surface from the Extuder, and therefore the surface texture is clearer and a lot of sturdy.

Product Model