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1. Swami Vivekananda and Vedanta: Relevance to Contemporary Indian Society 2. Making world healthier and smarter (m-Health) 3. Effect of Social Support on Stress, Depression and Psychological Wellbeing of University students 4. Effect of Brown rice on Oxidative diseases (Diabetes, Atherosclerosis and Cancer) 5. International Rankings and Indian Institutions of Higher Education: An Analysis 6. Studies on monthly variation in Physicochemical properties and biodiversity of chlorophycean algae from Nilwande Dam of Ahmednagar District Maharastra 7. A survey of data mining techniques and applications 8. Vibrational Spectral Studies, Thermodynamic Properties And Molecular Orbital Analysis of 2,6-Dichloro-4-Nitroaniline By D F T 9. Evaluation of relationship between phytochemical compounds and antioxidant potential of Salicornia Brachiata.L 10. Cosmological Model With Time Varying Deceleration Parameter And Quark Matter And Strange Quark Matter In Theory of Gravity 11. Attitude of secondary school teachers towards teaching profession of district lower Subansiri in Arunachal Pradesh 12. Efficacy of biofilm quenching and prevention by silver nanoparticles on catheter 13. A study on the nutritional impact on school going children (7-9 year) of Mid Day Meal Programme in Prayagraj District (U.P.) 14. Stress management of banking sector in India 15. Climate Change & Emerging Health Care Issues in India 16. Emergence of consciousness and Human being: A Study with special reference to Aurobindo 17. Role of BRICS in Global Economy 18. Application of Sadik Transform for Handling Linear Volterra Integro-Differential Equations of Second Kind 19. Medicinal uses and phytochemical properties of zingiber officinale-using different solvent system 20. Awareness about Menstruation among Adolescent girls: a case study of Patna Town 21. A Study on Consumer Behaviour Towards Various Shopping Malls In Salem City, Tamilnadu 22. Frequency of ABO blood groups and RH factor: a case study 23. Antagonistic effectofrice fungal pathogenshostile to Actinomycetes 24. Purification of bioactive compounds from methanolic crude extracts of Zingiber Officinale and their anticancer activity against mammalian cell line 25. Information Management in Banking Sector: An Overview 26. Woman Empowerment and Financial Inclusion 27. Diversity and Distribution of Macrophytes and Associates Herbaceous Non-Macrophytes from Ponds Present Among Coastal Area of Palghar District, Maharashtra India 28. Phytochemical Analysis and Antibacterial Activity of Ethanolic Extract of Brassica oleracea L. Var. Italica


Volume: 10, Number: 07, Year: 2019

Research Paper

A Study on Consumer Behaviour Towards Various Shopping Malls In Salem City, Tamilnadu

S.Vijayalakshmi and N. Bharathi

Assistant Professor of Commerce Padmavani Arts and Science College for Women,


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